About D.W. Woodcraft, Inc.

D.W. Woodcraft, Inc. was established in 1983 by David & Julie Rust Posey. David started out making novelties and some furniture pieces in his mother's basement in the early '80s. In 1985 he built his first shop right next to his house on NE 2nd Ave in Ava, Missouri. That same year, he started building kitchen and bath cabinets along with furniture and novelty pieces.

In 1990 David invested in a computer program that would help him design and estimate his work and, ultimately, would help him compile a cut list of all the parts of the cabinets to be built.

beautiful kitchen cabinets

As the years went by, his business outgrew the small shop where they started. So, in the fall of 1992, he purchased land on Highway 5 South in Ava and built his finish building first, then in the spring of 1993, the new home of D.W. Woodcraft was erected on Highway 5 South.

Before the doors were officially open, people ventured in from all over to see what this cabinet company had to offer. Business was booming and at one time, David had nine employees in his shop.

Since then, many changes have occurred. Employees have come and gone with some starting up their own shops, some going on to be teachers and 2 men that would become preachers. One of David's proudest moments was when his son, Daniel Posey, worked along side him through his high school years.

D.W. Woodcraft, Inc. has been working hard for years to produce quality furniture and cabinetry ever since. It's our goal to give our clients only the best and as craftsmen, we're proud of the work we produce and we're always happy to take on a new and exciting challenge.